The West Texas area depends heavily on the successful operation of its oil fields. Working on an oil field means long, hard days, often for extended periods of time away from home and loved ones. When it comes to providing accommodations for your employees, we all know that a happier worker is a harder worker. For oil field houses that offers the things which both residents and their employers truly care about, such as cleanliness, flexibility, efficiency of setup, and affordability, turn to Crew Support Services. We provide a variety of oil field housing solutions for Midland, Odessa, Pecos, Big Spring, Orla, Wink, and Kermit, TX, Carlsbad and Jal, NM, and many of the surrounding areas. Whether you're trying to provide for a few dozen employees or a few hundred, our services will keep them well-fed and better-rested. Whatever your company's needs, our company will deliver a superior solution.

Oil field housing refers to housing units which are typically manufactured on-demand to provide lodging for a specific set of people while they work on an oil field. These can come in the form of group compounds, often called man camps, or more individualized structures made to feel home-like. There is a standard cycle to the development of an oil field, and each phase of it places different demands on housing availability. Here at Crew Support Services, we have experience with nearly every type of situation the oil industry can present. Contact us today to learn more or discuss your own options for oil field housing!


The need for oil field housing arises out of overpopulation issues. During an oil boom, particularly one that occurs in a region consisting of primarily smaller towns, new job opportunities are created which attract a large number of workers to an area that is not prepared to accommodate them. This sudden, unexpected influx places demands on the real estate market that residential developers cannot keep up with. Many of the workers can end up being forced to sleep in their cars or any random areas they can find space. This is where services like those provided by Crew Support Services come into play. Our oil field housing contractors build the living quarters necessary to meet the demand. Throughout our design and construction processes we strive to keep in mind the desires of employees and employers alike. We will keep your workers and your budget comfortable. Our oil field housing units come turn-key ready and fully-equipped, so all you need to do is bring in your crew. Give us a call today to get started!